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Welcome to Ashways Siamese Cattery,

We are a small cattery situated in Kwa-Zulu Natal on the South African East Coast.


We have been breeding siamese for over 50 years.


Our felines have all been hand picked for their type health and good temperament.


We ensure that all our cats and kittens are vaccinated against feline diseases.


Currently we only have a siamese, a Burmese, a tonkinese and a bicolour pointed oriental female felines.


A few years ago we were hit by tragedy when someone removed (stole) our seal point siamese boy from our cattery. we were devastated and thought it was the end of our breeding.


However, our friends the late Danie Marais (Mia) and Johan and Ian (Taldi) came to the rescue.


We received a seal (pixie)and a blue (blue skye) from Mia which was later on mated by Taldi Loro.


This resulted in our cattery staying alive and our breeding stock being even better than before. Our stunning boy Daniel (aptly named after Taldi and Mia and the late "oom" Danie who booked kitty Daniel as his pick of litter but unfortunately "oom" Danie passed away a week before he received Daniel. Together with the last kitten who was a baby (Ashways Myloe) of our stolen stud Milo, we had two beautiful foundation boys,  producing many a stunning litter of kittens.


With our siamese girl we are assured of Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac pointed kittens.


Our Burmese and tonkinese females produce the most beautiful tonkinese pointed mink kittens.


Our Siamese Bicolour  female produces Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac pointed, solid and Bicolour pointed colours.


Our kitten owners are assured of their new kittens upbringing, they know with  peace in their hearts that they are receiving a baby that was not cage reared but raised within our house and allowed to socialize with our dogs, and all visitors who enter our home.


We are looking forward to receiving your phone call after you have completed your visit to our website.


Once again thank you for popping in and we hope that we will have the honor to meet you in person when you come and fetch your Ashways Kitten.   


Enid Ashley

Ashways Cattery

Ashways Myloe before being stolen

Sp ch Ashways Taldi Mia Daniel on show with Rita Wiseman




about us  |  studs  |  queens  |  kittens

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