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Natal Siamese / Oriental Group

"A Friendship Club for Cat Lovers, Breeders and Fanciers of Siamese, Oriental Cats and Other Breeds"

What We Do

The Main objectives of our group are:

to encourage a greater interest, appreciation and knowledge of Siamese/Oriental/Other cats in Southern Africa, particularly in Natal

To encourage responsible breeding with the purpose of improving all breeds.

What we Plan to Do

To establish a country-wide Kitten/Breeders Referral Service in an effort to bring together buyers and reputable breeders with available kittens of all breeds.

To establish a Siamese/Oriental Cat Rescue and Welfare Unit for the purpose of re-homing homeless or unwanted Siamese/Oriental cats in Natal.

Where to find Us

We would love to hear from all our cat lovers even if just for a friendly "cat Chat".



Duncan Williams



Enid Ashley




Carol Wood



Committee Members:

Roy Wood

Joan Steyn

Olivia King

Roger Turner

Robin Regnard

  Who We Are
  We are a newly formed club affiliated to the Governing Council of the Southern African Cat Council.

Whilst we have a particular interest in the Siamese and Oriental breeds, we welcome cat lover of all breeds to join us in promoting a greater appreciation and knowledge of all cats, pedigreed & domestic, and in particular, to cultivate friendship, mutual support and advice amongst owners and breeders.

We publish newsletters for members reporting on all cat-related matters and encourage the sharing of ideas, anecdotes, remedies and other relevant matters in a spirit of fun and co-operation.


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